MooTV Kids was Conceived by parents who were worried by their son’s Online viewing habits and how easily he would gain access to the videos he should not be watching. We thought of creating a walled garden so he could still enjoy watching videos but without getting access to content not appropriate for his Age. And then we thought, why not share this with the world, my wife was sure there would be many more like us who would benefit from our little application.

MooTV Kids is a first step towards a long roadmap of features, which we wish to continue to develop and deliver with the hope this application will be cherished by others as well.
Our Moos are working long hours and viewing thousands of hours of Video to select only what is good and relevant for kids.
We can not do it alone and need your recommendation to configure more relevant content on the platform. If you like something on youtube which is still not on our platform, please let us know and we will get it added within 24hrs. Please send us the details in the form below:

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1What is MooTV Kids?

MooTV Kids is a platform configured with video channels which are frequently viewed by kids and which are safe for them.

2What is special about MooTV Kids?

Channels are selected to make sure there is no unsafe or rated content in the video. Our Application is designed to give control to parents and letting them configure the application for their kids viewing

3Content on MooTV Kids?

MooTV Kids do not produce its own content yet. All the content on the application is provided by Video Streaming Platforms like Youtube

4Configuring Different accounts under 1 application?

Unfortunately we do not support this feature yet, it is in our roadmap and will be made available soon.

5Videos from Different Platforms?

MooTV Kids is designed to show Videos from Youtube only as we think it is the most widely used online video service at the moment. However we are considering integrating other platforms to our application in future as well.

6Why do I see Advertisements?

MooTV Kids is absolutely free to use and we want to keep it that way. Since we are fully self funded, Advertisement is the only way to fund our future roadmap and maintenance of servers/etc.

7Are advertisements Child Safe?

We are serving ads from global platform and configured the platform to serve ads under the categories which are child friendly. Individual ads served are beyond the control of MooTV Kids.

8How can I help?

Every penny counts and if you believe in what we are doing then please help by sparing few Quid. We accept paypal or bank account transfers.

9How to use MooTV Kids?

MooTV Kids is simple to use, the application can be downloaded from app store ( link of which can be found on top of this page). Once downloaded please set up account with basic information, Select the Genre and hide the channels which you think you would not like your kids to see. Once Done, you can use the app like any other video app with the confidence that your child will never see Video Content which is not configured by you.

10What is Parental Control on the Application?

Parental control is the feature which will allow the Parent to change selection made by them during the signup process. They can add or hide both Genre and Channels configured for their account.